Felix Hunt – the gourmet

Many years ago when editor of the website  http://www.london-eating.co.uk  in a moment of boredom I created the character of Felix Hunt.

Of unknown and frequently changing age, of ambiguous sexuality, volatile, amoral, sexist, racist and many other  bad things he was an amalgam of all the things I disliked about certain restaurant critics at the time.

He was also a vehicle for my own obsessions, hobbyhorses and prejudices, grossly distorted through the looking glass that was Felix.

I tried to make him lovable despite his character and readers responded well, only once did someone write in to complain but, as Felix helpfully pointed out to me, she was probably a Guardian reader and thus immune to irony.

Alistair Stuart, a brilliant cartoonist, would read each Felix before publication and unerringly find exactly the best bit to illustrate. That his Felix looked suspiciously like me was a fact I tried to ignore.

I wrote one a month for over four years – almost 5o in fact. Some are lost to the digital wind, others as I find them, I will add.

Felix is still living in his stately home somewhere in Somerset and may like King Arthur when his country needs him, come back. He has, it is rumoured, mastered email and could even Tweet.

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