Nick Harman

I always have a lot on my plate

Talented copywriter from the school of hard knocks, mad men and effective writing. Many years before the mast in top London ad agencies now freelance and supplemented by travel and food writing for websites and magazines. Came second as Guild of Food Writers Restaurant Reviewer of The Year in 2010 on first time of entry.

My writing is always informed, always funny and always very readable. Thanks to my experience in both advertising and journalism I am fazed by no request or challenge so get in touch.

Web site copy
Brochure copy
Direct Mail concepts and copy
Digital concepts and copy
Advertorial copy
Sponsored articles
Social Media – e.g. feeding Facebook, Blog, Twitter etc for you

email me nick@nharman.co.uk


I am a skilled writer able to move from snappy headlines, banner concepts, radio ads, long copy and all other forms of writing with ease. I helped found and edit http://www.london-eating.co.uk and currently freelance edit the website http://www.foodepedia.co.uk. I am proficient in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, can edit raw html code, use CMS and other online tools in both Mac OS and Windows. I am also up to speed on social media tools, SEO  etc.

1991- 2011 FREELANCE – Copywriter
Through the line concepts, radio scripts, brochures and general copywriting for
direct clients and advertising agencies. Various loyalty magazines journalism and
website work – banner ads etc at digital agencies.

Sample Recent Clients Digital and Direct for SKY (agency), TCA for American Express,  (Agency) Essex Council Radio Ads, HRG Travel, RBS Bank, Nortel Networks, Mitel, IBM, American Express, Mercedes McLaren British Airways, Amex, Sealink Ferries, FT, Nestlé, Toshiba, Mercedes, Kenwood In Car, Travelodge, Dare Digital, London Stock Exchange, IKEA, Comet. Thomson Local Directories, LG mobile phone user manuals, HRG travel in association with BMI airlines. Knight Frank. Translation and reinterpretation of Alcatel online campaign from French to English

1989 – 1991 Sears & Nalson, Covent Garden
Job description Deputy Creative Director, Senior copywriter
Sample Clients Laskys, Casio, NatWest, ShoeCity, Halfords, Fuji, Variq Airlines

1987 – 1989 Osprey, London
Job description Copywriter
Sample Clients Jaguar cars, British Gas, Foden Trucks

1985 – 1987 Burton Wisgard, London
Job description Copywriter
Clients Charterhouse Bank, Wrighton Kitchens, Perpetual Unit Trusts, Citibank, Tate&Lyle

1982 – 1985 Ogilvy & Mather, London
Job description Trainee to full copywriter
C l i e n t s Shell, Ford, Rowntrees, Beechams, JVC, Unilever, Philips

B.A. Hons English and French

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