Back in the 80s our suits weren't this classy

I began my adland career at Ogilvy & Mather, as then was,  plucked from university before even taking my finals. I did however hang on long enough to get a degree in English and French before heading to the bright lights of London.

O&M in those days was full of writers –   published novelist, poets, playwrights.

And yes it was a bit like Mad Men, we even smoked in the office.

I was trained by those professional, talented, mercurial people to write copy that worked and didn’t just fill space with facts. I was taught that the way you said it was just as important  as what you said.

The sizzle on the sausage.

The basic tenets of good copywriting still hold true today.

Grab the readers’ attention, hold it all the way to the end, sell them the sausage.

That’s the art and you’re only born with a bit of talent for it, the rest is training and experience.

I’ve had a great deal of both across major London and Home County ad agencies, both full time and freelance, as Head of Copy as well as Creative Director.

I work on press ads, radio ads, direct mail, brochures, websites and digital ads.

And my work works.

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